I hate Christmas music.
You know how you start to really hate Taylor Swift
after you hear her latest release for the millionth time in days.
I feel the same about Christmas music.
It seems to be the same 12 songs sung over and over again by different artists
We’ve had 2000 years to write about Christmas and all we can come up with is
Chesnuts roasting and deer with red noses?
For the Christan world the birth of Christ is kinda a big deal.
I know it is for me.
Originality is all I am asking for.
We write so many songs about love.
Why can’t we have some new ones about the greatest love story ever.
A man who really did give his life to save mine.
Because He loves me!

** Let me clarify: New songs, not by Michael Mclean because those are now in that same Taylor Swift category. 


  1. Confession: I hate Michael McLean. And all Mormon pop, actually. Give me MoTab or hymns on the piano any day!

    I don't listen to the radio (especially at Christmas time) because of what you say: I put together my own Christmas music list and listen to it on the ol' iPod. (I love the Christmas music that's actually religious; death to Rudolph and snowmen and all that jazz!)