Robo Cop

Me: Usman! You are not allowed to watch anything called ‘Evil Dead!’

Usman: Annie this is good movie.

Me: It couldn’t be. I am going to talk to your mom about this.

Usman: Annie, you seen this movie Robo Cop?

Me: NO! Girls don’t watch Robo Cop!

Usman: But this movie is only PG-13, you can watch.

Me: It isn’t the rating that keeps me from watching that movie. Girls don’t watch Robo Cop.

Usman: I think some girls do.

Me: Well maybe if their boyfriend or husband was watching it and they wanted to cuddle up to him. But she would never go home, but on her stretchy pants and settle in for a long night of Robo Cop.

Usman: I think she would.

Me: AND… She would certainly never call up her best girlfriend afterward and tell her all about the movie and tell her that she just had to see it.

Usman: Why girls not watch the best movie? 

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