Christmas musings

What is figgy pudding? Is it like bread pudding? Because that's my favorite!

Why don't they say "bring us some figgy pudding" in the song anymore? They just say "we all love pu-d-ding." It's awkward.

Does anyone understand the story of Good King Wenceslas? Because I sure don't, and I've heard it twice now.

Kyle has been a lot more scandalous around the holidays. 

I have shopping/making presents done for everyone in my family and besties. Except Kate. She should be the easiest. But turns out she is the hardest. Seriously. 

I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert this year. The guest narrator was John Rhys-Davies, he in Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones. I had a hard time at parts thinking "This man has acted is some pretty great movies, Some of my favorites, and they ask him to come here and narrate this story about Dickens that is painfully corny and so overacted it hurt. He probably thinks all Mormons are this cheesy." I was painfully embarrassed for Mormons everywhere. 

When he recited luke 2 I was dying. He did such an amazing job! I think we should get him to read all the scriptures. I would download that version in a hurry! 

I am not feeling scroogy this year. Not one little bit. I normally struggle because it is one of the times I miss my mom the most. She was so good at Christmas. But Christmas isn't really about moms, it kind of is, it is about our Savior and I have been hanging out with him a lot lately. It has been real good. 

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