Bear Lake for a Jersey Girl

I know a million of you have already seen our bear lake pictures from facebook and instagram.

I would like to share just one little story and a video though.

After I just tell you that we drove all the way around the lake.
It kinda reminded me of Jeresy. Which leads me to my story.

We were out swimming in the lake...
It was seriously the prettiest day and the water was so warm. I know that seems like an oxymoron because we all know Bear Lake is NEVER warm. But it was, I swear. Now to the story. We some how, if you know me you are not surprised, became part of a stranger's synchronized swim team.

It was so much fun and somewhere near the end they did or said something that prompted me to say:
M: We don't do things like that in Jersey!
H: What part of Jersey are you from?
*No one is ever from my part of Jersey, not ever!*
M: Woodstown, the pretty part, farmland and the beach, you know the town where Cowtown is.
H: We are from Woodstown! We lived there for a year and then got a place in Mullica Hill.
M: Um seriously?
*Not believing but wondering how they knew about Mullica Hill.*
H: So are youz guyz from Woodstown or is is just the closest town you thought we'd recognize because of Cowtown?
M: No I am really from Woodstown and the youz guyz gave you away! You are really from Jersey!

My heart melted and it now a part of Bear Lake permanently. How can I go back every single weekend?

Use the following link to observe some of our fun. I am the one in the black swim top near the end.

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