Defending My Boys: A Dating Rant

*Warning* When I said rant I meant it.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in a room with a lot of single ladies. Somehow it turned into a boy bashing session.One girl said "all the boys I know are bums that live in their parents basement and play video games. I am sick of finding these men." Then another would reply with "I just think boys in general are lazy. They don't ask girls out anymore."

I am afraid I may have been a little too harsh when I finally piped up. "Where are you finding these men? All the guys I know are hiking, camping, fishing, playing soccer or frisbee, grilling, having bonfires, riding, running, or working 12 hour days. AND they are ALL dating frequently. They just aren't dating you. The first and most necessary step to changing this would be to NEVER let a boy hear you talking like this. You stink of desperation and negativity, this will almost always put you at the bottom of the pack. I am thinking now of all my best guy friends and I can only think of one who has a gaming system, and when he gets it out he always invites me over to kick his butt at Mario Kart."

I am obviously no expert on dating. But I needed to defend the amazingly good, righteous men in my life who are trying so hard to do the right things. Give them a break ladies.

Ladies, I know it is hard, and there are lonely times, and you worry that time is running out, but don't be that girl. Be the girl who likes herself and the men in her life, respect them, they are trying I swear they are, and they are GOOD men. Seriously the men I know are so good, and there is SO much pressure on them at this stage in their life.

Oh one more thing: I have a friend who is ridiculously righteous, attractive, successful, kind and funny. The last 9 girls he asked out said no! Seriously? Seriously!?

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