More Conversing With the Boss Man

*Boss walks into bathroom*
B: Annie! What did you do in here!
A: Umm.... I don't know what you are talking about.
B: Well it didn't go down and it is floating in there, and it smells

*cut to an hour later when I make my way into the bathroom*
A: What the? It smells nasty in here! What is that and why is is foaming?
B: I told you! It's your ice cream!
A: Oh well why didn't you just flush it?
B: Because that is disgusting! Why did you flush your ice cream?
A: So it wouldn't be stinking up the trash can and leaking out and getting the can all gooey.
B: Well it was nasty!
A: How is ice cream nasty?
B: It was orange and foaming and it smelled bad.
A: As bad as if I had given it to someone else to finish and it made it's way unflushed into the toilet that way?
B: Well... it was still gross.

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