The Trouble With Pain

One of the great things about physical pain is that when it gets bad enough... you can just pass out.

It isn't the same for emotional pain though.

So you start looking for the equivalent of emotionally passing out.

Maybe that means stuffing your face with Oreos dipped in cheesecake batter. (It's amazing) Basically eating until your body feels as miserable as your heart.

Maybe it means running away, applying for that job in Seattle or Nashville.

Maybe it means calling an old ex and "watching a movie together."

Maybe it means curling up on the couch and sobbing while your roommate strokes your forehead and says "Get yourself some ribs and some ice cream, because you have been dumped."

Maybe it means extreme dieting because you want to show him what he could've had.

Another great thing about physical pain is drugs. It is totally legal to take meds that take the pain away , or at least bring it to a manageable level until you are healed.

But it isn't the same with emotional pain. You don't get to numb it your better. In fact, for me anyway, you can't get better until you've felt the full breadth of the pain.

Unlike physical pain though, remember, you don't get to pass out when it reaches a point you can't handle anymore.

That's when you finally end up on your knees begging your Father in Heaven for emotional pain meds. "Can you just numb me for awhile? Can you please feel this for me?"

And he says be patient.

And THEN the 9:30 Cowboy calls you and says he's lonely and he misses you and you think "Well thanks Heavenly Father, I suppose having him back is one way to ease the pain. I'll take it."

But maybe that isn't what Heavenly Father meant at all when he told you to be patient. And maybe your wasting time with the stupid cowboy and just delaying the real thing.

And when you realize it you break up again, only this time you break up with him. That should be easier right? I mean you have confirmation and you know you deserve better. Nope still just as hard.

So get yourself some Oreos and some cheesecake batter, but eat just a couple of them. Then take your little broken heart in for a check up with your Father in Heaven and let him heal it. And really listen to his advice. Follow his prescription to the letter.

You don't want that horrible man... I mean infection to come back....

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