My Yearbook... If only!

I found this on my friend Hayley's Blog! I played with it all night and can not stop laughing. Everyone should try this! Let's be honest none of you are immune from me trying it on a picture of you.

Let's start with the ancient of days...


1960 wasn't so bad

1966 wasn't bad either. I could have survived...

This is what I would have looked like had I gone to High school with my dad.

If I had graduated the year I was born (1982)I look like my mom is this one... and a few others. Sorry mom!

And the year my sister was born (1984)

O.K. But I am obviously hotter than hot in this one. I mean it! Saturday's Warrior anyone?

Ummm... I did graduate in 2001 and I do not remember looking at all like this! It is seriously like the worst one!

HA HA HA O.K. Go play with it right now with a picture of yourself and please please post some of them so I can laugh some more!


  1. How fantastic! I did it on my blog, too, so check it out! :-)

  2. haha! I love those pics!! I am totally going to try it. That is sweet.

  3. uh the ones of you in the 80's totally still looks like you did back then. HAHAHA!

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