Let's Not Do That

I have decided to draft a traveling companion agreement.
If you are willing to sign it, we can vacation
together and have a marvelous adventure.

There are a few who will be exempt from signing,
as they have already proven
worthy travel companions.

I won't list them here as that seems
kind of like being one of those young woman
who bares her testimony and is grateful for friends
whom she lists, and leaves one out.

Let's not do that.
I will say that Katy and Pidge are totally exempt,
There are many others on the exempt list, so don't feel left out. 

* * * * *

What happens when you are heart broken
and all your friends are busy?
Keith Urban on repeat and,
an entire container of raspberry gelato happens.

* * * * *

Me: Happy Birthday Papa
Dad: Thanks
Me: Now give me some advice. I need you to fix my life.
Dad: Happy birthday to me!

*At least I wasn't asking for money right?

* * * * *

L: Guys I am so sorry I just came into this party
and unburdened on all of you.
I just don't know what to do.

B: I almost had a break down on the way here
because everything is going wrong
in all aspects of my life.

Me: No worries I was just telling everyone
how I am getting my very first cold sore
and it is ruining my life!

*My life is a constant exercise in gaining perspective. 

* * * * *

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