Traveling Agreement

Traveling is my favorite.

I am learning that I was meant for warm sunny places. But I do not reside in one.

I have also learned to carefully choose my travel companions.

I have decided to draft a travel agreement. Anyone willing to accept the conditions can come along on the trip. Everyone, including myself, will be held to their agreement.

1. Come what may and love it~ Traveling with me WILL be an adventure. Nothing ever goes 100% according to plan, that is part of the adventure. Go with it and you will have a great time.

2. Traffic~ No one enjoys traffic. We are all in places we aren't familiar with. It isn't a big deal if we have to go around the block or maneuver a quick u-turn. We will be fine. Back seat driving will not be tolerated.

3. Opinions~ You will express your opinion. "I don't care" is not acceptable if you are going to not enjoy something or pout the rest of the evening.

4. Boy/Girlfriends~ If you meet a man or woman who lives under some one's porch and they want a ride to the airport, you two can take a taxi together, but don't expect the rest of the party to spend their vacation piled in the car with him.

5. Budget~ I can do a trip on a very minimal budget. I will make sure you know what the cost of flight, rental, hotel is before the trip and an agreed upon food budget. If you have more money and want to buy extra souvenirs that is fine, but don't expect everyone to spend 50 dollars on dinner unless it was previously agreed upon that that adventure would be worth it.

6. Pet Peeves~ You will not eat with your mouth open. We will do a lot of eating, no one else wants to hear you doing it. The hum of enjoyment is totally acceptable however. Talking loudly on your phone in the hotel room is not kosher. Take your call to the lobby or out into the hallway. There are a lot of people in a tiny space. Be respectful.

7. Complaining~ We will do a lot of walking. You will probably be cramped in a car or uncomfortable at some point of the trip. You will probably be too hot or too cold. Pack to accommodate your needs and be willing to speak up when you are tired and want to go back to the hotel. We will drop you off and go back to adventuring. But do not whine or complain.

8. Tummy Aches~ If you have gas, pass it and we'll roll the window down. If you need an extra moment in the bathroom use the one in the lobby or wait til everyone else is done. If that can't be helped it has to be okay that we laugh a little bit about it.

9. Music~ We are going to listen to some Keith Urban, REAL loud with the windows down. Then it can be your turn. If necessary a road trip CD can be made before we take off so we have agreed upon tunes.

10. Churchiness. On Sunday I will find a place to attend sacrament meeting. I won't drag you anywhere. Feel free to spend that extra hour by the pool or in bed. We will also discuss as a group whether we want to attend a temple session at some point of the trip. Sundays I don't go out for meals, so I plan ahead and buy food to prepare on Sunday. Usually it is a nice break from eating out and it will be delicious, but I will drop you off somewhere if you need a burger.

11. Side Trips~ Do not ask everyone else on the trip to make a side trip just for you. If it is more than an hour out of the way then it is not "on our way" and it doesn't count as "just off the freeway." I don't care if you haven't seen great aunt Ida all year. Everyone else has taken time off work and spent money to go on vacation, not to sit in a strangers living room all afternoon. Unless that is what the trip was planned for and I am just along for the ride.

12. Photos~ I will photograph everything, and it will take me weeks to post them on facebook and months to get you a copy. Bring your own camera if you want instant photos when you get home.


  1. I agree 100% with your traveling agreement. I want to steal it and use it! PS how did you type that with your arm in a sling?

  2. hahaha. Thanks for the part about the person under the porch. Let's travel together soon. When your arm heals.