It All Started With Some Flirting

and ended like this.

My good friend Leah asked us to go Snowshoeing with her on Saturday. We went to the Nordic Center at Solitude. She purchased, for herself, the whole package, showshoes, boots, polls, etc. I paid for just the snowshoes, and flirted with the guy while everyone else used the restroom. The guy was outfitted in all Husker gear and so the flirting there came easy. We were quickly buddies and he fitted me for a pair of boots. I was too busy flirting to realize I had received something I hadn't paid for.

When he offered me polls I caught on and said
"I didn't pay for polls."
"Well do you want them?"
"Yes Please!"

You are welcome fellow showshoers, for your free polls and boots, as well as a free lesson on the benefits of flirting. We had a great time in the mountains. Katy's only concern was that no one fall in a river this time.
Then she did. The river is kind of covered up here but believe me it was funny. Especially when Leah screamed!

A few people fell down on our adventure, but I only took pictures of Katy doing it.
Because I am a good sister.

 We are hot.
 and getting hotter
The rest of the crew... Lacey and Ryan... Cute couple huh? Don't worry we did Snowshoe in the woods. We actually did all the snowshoeing trails they had. But we only took pictures in the parking lot.

Are you ready for the rest of the story?

Well we were hungry and so Ryan suggested a Mexican place that his co-worker loves. "Follow me and don't have high expectations." Turns out the restaurant is Lonsestar Taqueria, which is the only place in SLC featured on DDD that I haven't tried yet.  It was VERY good.

So I decide I need a few extra salsas to go... while I was filling up my 4th salsa cup this super cute guy joins me at the salsa bar...
*Pink words were said in the sexiest voice I could muster. 
Me: "Oh I am sorry am I in your way?"
Guy: "Oh no take your time."
Me: I could always pass a cup or two your way if you so desire."
Guy: "No I am enjoying the wait."
Me: "Well I don't know if you can tell, but this salsa is very good. You'll probably want this one over here that is a little spicy."
*That is when I put the lid on my salsa and it goes flying across the salsa bar.
Guy:" Oh let me get you a napkin."
Me: "I seem to have spilled the salsa all over the everything, including all the cups, and myself."
Guy: "No big deal I'll use one of them. I am sure they will get used anyway."
*P.S. There were no napkins to be found.
ME: "I should probably clean off my hand but I am going to need to get at least one more salsa first."
Guy:"Take your time, I'm still enjoying this."

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  1. I'm so glad Katy fell in the river. It really isn't snowshoeing if that doesn't happen.