Last Night...

I was walking into institute and I kept saying
"something is wrong with my pants.
Seriously, something is not right."
Awkward for the guy walking in with us.
Only after I was home did I realize,
I had my pants on backwards.

* * * * *
Someone gave me the sweetest
and sexiest compliment last night.
It was so tender hearted and honest.

Seriously why don't more guys think that,
and then tell me about it? 

Then came the disclaimer...

He said it was all true in spite of...

my fishing outfit.

* * * * *

I worked out for twice as long as I should have,
because I had to finish watching real stories of the ER.
There was a woman on there with Pica,
that craziness fascinates me. 

* * * * *
I also watched an episode of Leave it to Beaver.
I have a serious crush on Wally Cleaver. 
Just sayin'.

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