Counting my blessings

 It's ironic. Seriously. My first real bike crash happened on Cherry Lane in Layton. My best friend, Celeste Hyatt, and myself were chasing the ice cream man on our bikes. We knew he was heading up into another neighborhood farther east and we took off after him. The brick wall that I remember being around the church either no longer exists or only exists in my imagination. Either way, I flipped my bike over it and skinned my knees. I still have a scar on both knees.

Cut to 4 years ago when I learned this lesson and injured my knees... and the rest of my body.

Then cut to Friday night. I am running my little heart out down Cherry Lane and I fall. My first thought was DON'T land on your knees. I mean they are fine, I have no pain in them, they healed 100%, but I my first thought was still to protect them. So I put my arms out and took the full blow of the fall on my hands. I got up and limped away to join my friends. Only later did I realize I was bleeding and how INCREDIBLY bad my arm hurt. I mean I kept goofing off for another hour or so before the pain got so bad I threw up. I know you didn't need to know that. Basically it hurt... a lot!

So Katy is driving me home and I am trying not to cry or throw up, because I am a big girl and tough enough to handle this. All the way home I am thinking please don't be a serious injury I can't afford to go to the doctor. Please, PLEASE, please.

Here is where the blessings/tender mercies come to play. My friend Jess just so happens to have a dad who is an ER doctor and he just so happened to be in town for one day only. So he pushed, and pulled, and squeezed on my arm while I focused on not crying.

  • So first blessing, doctor who will see me for free on my time.
  • Second, one who specializes in this sort of thing.
  • Third, the break he diagnoses me with wouldn't show up on an x-ray so... No x-ray needed. Many dollars saved.
  • Fourth, The kind of break it is does not need to be casted only immobilized. Oh and they have both slings there for me to BORROW.

But wait there is more.

Jess' dad offered to get me some good pain meds. But I was too stubborn to admit I might need them. Later that night I went with Katy and Leah to a friends house in Provo. My arm wasn't hurting too bad and the boys were cooking and I couldn't resist. I took my sling off and got to work in the kitchen with them. I am suppose to move it some anyway to keep my muscles in good working order. No big deal right? Well afterwards we are playing a game and I start to regret my earlier decisions. The one where I declined pain killers and the one where I took off the sling and got to work in the kitchen.

Insert blessing number 5, Handsome Rob. 
He, who don't worry is qualified to do so, hooked me up with some good drugs. ALL the pain went away and I was finally able to sleep. Handsome Rob was incredibly sweet and sexy... I won't go into details. The world needs more Handsome Robs. P.S. I looked like a homeless person that night. I mean I wasn't able to do my hair, or put makeup on, or dress myself. So Handsome Rob gets extra points for being sexy because I was not.

I have had lots of other friends taking care of me and being incredibly sweet. Blessing number 6, knowing that your friends care about you. Thanks for all the treats, cards, rides, ice packs in church, and other examples of caring concern I have received this weekend.

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  1. I'm sorry!! Thank goodness for good friends, right?

    And I really liked the pictures you posted of yourself. You ARE pretty Annie. I love your hair long like that.