This weekend I went snowshoeing. It was maybe one of the greatest days of my life. 

I have been known to do yoga in inappropriate situations/places such as the grocery store aisle or as seen above by a pond in the middle of the rocky mountains. Ha! and Megan caught it on film. Please note that at the beginning of this adventure I was wearing a coat. I do come prepared.

At some point in our adventure we came across a big empty white field, the sun was shining and I mentioned to the others that I would like to frolic in that field. It was so tempting. So I took off to run through the field, in my show shoes. It was, I am sure, entertaining. Half way across the field I realized it wasn't a field. There was a steep drop followed by a steep incline. No matter, I kept running. 
I know I am laying down, but it wasn't because I was exhausted it was all part of the frolicking that was happening. I have been working very hard at leaving my sea level pneumonia scared lungs behind and it is working! I was running, uphill, in the mountains and I managed to keep my breath.

So we were following, kind of, a trail that was suppose to loop back around. After a few miles we realized we were not looping at all, in fact, we were sure we had almost hiked to Huntsville. So we made the decision to head to the highest point we could find and observe where we were. So straight up the face of a mountain we went. At the top we realized where we were and that we did NOT want to back track. We had gone much further than we realized. So down the other side of the mountain, across a river, up the side of another mountain and we were sure we would find an old abandoned road that would lead us back to our vehicular situation.

This is the river I "fell" into. By fell I mean, helping someone else to not fall in and amidst the chaos I happened into the river. No big deal. You can see how it has a rushing current that almost swept me away to my death. I was wet, but I just took off my wet clothes and put my coat back on. No big deal.

Halfway up the next mountain was the road we were looking for. Which took us straight back to our car. I should look up forest service maps to see where the trail we were on led. Out of curiosity. But I liked the adventuresome loop we made.

The entire time we were on this adventure I was accutely aware of three people who were missing:

Uncle Wayne
...someone else  

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