Conversations with the boss man

He calls me today from China. I checked the clock it was 5:45 am there.

B: Is it snowing there?
M: No it is a beautiful sunny day.
B: But it snowed recently?
M: Yeah it has been snowing like a beast, your wife was in here yesterday and she mention three times how upset she was that is was snowing while you weren't here to shovel the walk.
B: Well I wish I was there to shovel the walk.
*This is where I think he is cute for being so thoughful.
B: Man I am missing epic ski week! Let me talk to J, I want to hear how the skiing is.
M: Well he isn't here, he took a half day and went skiing.
B: I miss everything.

Umm did your forget that you are in CHINA? 
I would trade spots with you in a heart beat.

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