My Crush

I had an all consuming crush on Bryan White as a teenager.

This is the picture I carried with me everywhere.

I loved his music, his voice, his perfect hair.
Ha! Remember when this haircut was sexy?
I taped all his music videos onto VHS tapes and I would watch them again and again. 

Do you know who Bryan White is?
Probably not if you didn't listen to country in the late 90's.
He sang "Someone Else's Star" and "I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore."

I realize now how foolish a celebrity crush is.
But I can't help thinking about him every time I hear a little girl squeal when a 
Justin Beiber song comes on the radio.

This is Bryan White now 

apparently he has a new album out last year.
I have been listening to it on Grooveshark this weekend.
It isn't bad.
But I haven't squealed once.
Sometimes growing up is a shame.

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