I can HARDLY wait! 

April is my FAVORITE month of the year! 

April is filled with these:


April is the month we get to hear from Apostles and Prophets at LDS General Conference
(I particularly love this picture because Elder uchdorf, one of the sexiest men alive, has the same chin as me.)
And I will be watching from a "Cabin" in Bear Lake, with some of my most favorite people. 

In April these two crazy kids are getting married

Which also means that I get to go here:

April is the month of Easter, my favorite holiday for many reasons:

Easter candy has the best candy:

Peanut Butter eggs have the PERFECT proportion of peanut butter to chocolate.

I also love the sweet and sour jelly eggs.
And Mother Earth is celebrating the resurrection of our savior.
 Everything is new and fresh and beautiful.
And I am reminded that because of him my mom is still mine.
Because of his atonement I have hope.
Because of him I can repent and be clean, new, and fresh.
Just as the Earth herself appears in April.

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