Lost in translation

I work for this company
They are great and I love working for them. 

Sometimes we get hardware catalogs from competitors
or hardware companies in other countries like the one I was looking through today. 

Sometimes a thing or two gets lost in translation. 

These were the descriptions of the different lines of bath hardware. 
Some seem dirtier than others.

Try to keep it clean.

 The happiness of showering... Especially after camping... With you so far...

 I also need the occasional unruliness. Sign me up! Let me freely roam!

We all need to take things slower now and then.  Slow is also a kind of speed. Good stuff, good stuff.


 The relaxing life style. That is the life style for me. 

I think we should have paragraphs like this in OUR hardware catalog.
I mean don't you want to go out right now and buy some bath hardware you can fondle admiringly?

Yes you do! 

1 comment:

  1. Are you sure these were written in America? Or, by an American? Yes, yes, it's English, totally reminds me of pictures my brother would send me from his mission in Korea; stuff Koreans wrote in English out and about the city of Seoul, and...things were TOTALLY lost in translation!