Pupusas on North Temple

 Wade, Katy and I have a favorite restaurant in SLC. 
It is Salvadoran. 
They know us by name, and we have an assigned booth.

Wade and I discovered it one night when I was having a bad day 
and he was trying to cheer me up.
So far I have been too scared to take any of our other friends there with me.
But last weekend when we took our friend Megan.

 It is on north temple in a sketchy hotel.
The booths are held together with duct tape and so are the menus.
They play Latino music really loud and have Spanish soap operas on the entire time. 
Sometimes you get lucky and one of the tvs will also have latino music videos.
Or if you are even more lucky they will give you the remote and let you choose.
 We love the ghetto atmosphere and the food! 
Have you had Salvadoran food before? 
Item 1 is a Sope. Delicious!
It is carne asada on top of like a deep friend English muffin sort of thing. It is divine I swear.
Item 2 is a pupusa. 
You are suppose to eat it with the pickled cabbage pictured (sorta) on the far left of picture 3.
I just add salsa and eat up. 
A pupusa is a handmade thick corn tortilla stuffed with deliciousness.
I always get just cheese because it is the good stuff.

If you feel like braving the ghettoness of North Temple with us let me know!
You will love it. 

Oh and the pupusas are 1.50 each. 
What a deal!

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