The Hand Holder

This is your new favorite story...

So I was driving home with a friend a few weeks ago.
He was driving my car and he leaned over and attempted to hold my hand. 

I assumed he was going for the coke in the console and moved my hand so he could have easier access to the beverage he desired.

A few minutes later it happens again and I again move my hand and offer to grab his drink for him.

Oh my goodness. 
It was literally the next day before I realized what had happened.
How can I even be so dumb?

I don't think he reads this blog...

But if he does...

Dear Hand Holder,

Please try again.

<3 Reese

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  1. This IS my new favorite story!! Did he try again? I need a follow-up, please! :D By the way, LOVE your blog. Just thought I'd let you know I'm stalking it.