This is my cat in the prime of his youth, in the yard playing with the boys.

I am having a rough day today because 
I am almost sure that I am going to have to have him put down this weekend.

I am going to be a MESS.

Remember just this last Valentine's day when I was stuck
on the couch and he was my Valentine?
Well he has been there for me through all kinds of hard times.
In high school when I was mad at my parents or Katy,
he was always there to listen.
I soaked the poor cat in my tears
and he just laid there and listened.
The first night I was home after mom was gone
I just held him and cried.
Because I knew he would listen,
and I am sure he felt her loss too.
He didn't even care when I squeezed him a little too tight.

In fact when you are sad he can't get close enough. 
He will sit right on my face and still try to keep scooting closer.
Maybe he is secretly trying to smoother me.

This is him last night.
He was not happy that I was removing the blanket he was all wrapped up in.
He also threw up last night. 


On our favorite rug.
I don't mind throw up. 
I suppose I will become well acquainted with it as a mother someday.
But this was the 4th time in a handful of days.
So I Googled it. It is a sign of kidney failure.
Well he already has bad kidneys and is on a special diet for it.
So to the vet we go in the morning. 
and he may go home with me and he may go home with Heavenly Father.
My bet is on the later, as he is almost 16 years old. 

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  1. I'm so sorry Annie! You have had Mokey for so long, and he's been the very best pet you could ever have. Hopefully there's still a chance for him, but if not, hope you can find some peace. love ya!