Me: I am just wondering if there is a way I can Photoshop a different face on myself.
Zac: I think that you are beautiful. So stop saying you need to digitally change yourself.
M: You are so incredibly sweet to me, I think I will keep you.
Z: ha ha ha like you have a choice.
M: I could fire you
Z: From what?
M: ummm...I suppose you don't have an official job title do you?
Z: owner
M: What if someone else wants to apply for that job?
Z: They'd have to buy me out first.
M: Well what would THAT cost them?
Z: About 2 mil.
M: Well I don't know anyone with that kind of dollars.
Z: Me neither or I would have sold it long ago.
M: :( Now I am crying
Z: Why?
M: Because you are trying to sell me off, sadness.
Z: Oh I thought you were talking about my real job.

One BFF not looking to sell out.

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  1. I'm totally with you! I was confused that he jumped over to his job when you were clearly talking about your relationship full-throttle. The entire time, I was pretty sure.

    I love that you share these witty conversations you have.