An Izze afternoon

This means I have had a very hard day...

Power went out this morning while getting ready.
Stopped to splurge on breakfast and got someone else's order.
Fax/printer/copier broke this morning. Replacement won't arrive until Friday.
Broke my fingernail where it rips into the skin.
The nose picker came into my office and I saw him eat it. Then he ate from my candy jar and gave me a hug.
I have three redesigns to get done today.
My desk is a mass of chaos and I can't do anything about it because I can't print, fax, or copy.
I am cold. Like shivering and the thermostat says 72.


I get to see my Dad and my brother Jarom next week
I went out and got a very big Izze for lunch.
I am going to Hobby Lobby tonight to get stuff for the greatest craft project of my life!
I am going to the SLC temple for the first time this weekend!
Joan, (pronounced Joe-on, he is perexican) has agreed to have a weekend of scandal with me.
I am heading to 90th south after work to pick up some groceries from the Asian superstore. So excited!

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