My Baby Boy

Well one of them... 

Jarom is now in the MTC (missionary training center). 
I didn't go with Dad to drop him off in Provo. 
But I took Tuesday off and spent the say with them, helping him get all his last minute things. 

Nothing like a trip to Mr. Mac to make you feel like your baby is all grown up. 

There is also nothing like a trip to Mr. Mac to wish you had a man of your own to dress up in a beautiful gray suit. Or that the man who has a beautiful gray suit already, lived just a little closer. ;)

But I digress. 

I got to spend the entire day with this handsome young man. 
You are jealous. 

I know I am only his sister but I just look at the kid and am so stinking proud of him I can hardly handle it.
I swear my mom was possessing my body all day and bringing me right to the bring of tears of joy, pride(the good kind), and a little sadness.

My boss was able to meet Jarom and Dad Wednesday on their way to Provo. 
He said I stood over Jarom the entire time like a proud momma.
Well I feel a little bit like one.

It has been two whole day and I miss the kid so stinking much. 
I keep looking for him on facebook so we can chat about the day. 
I suppose I should write him a letter.

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