Conversations over breakfast

I was making breakfast for my dad and brother this morning. They are in town to take Jarom to the MTC tomorrow. 

Me: Jarom if you have a companion who went out real late because he was like saving the world maybe you could set him up with Katy.

Jarom: Well what part of the world was he saving?

Dad: Won't work Katy's too picky.

Me: But he was saving the world and he's good looking too.

Dad: Doesn't matter Katy's too picky!

P.S. We had cheesecake stuffed french toast. You are jealous.

1 comment:

  1. I mentioned cheesecake stuffed french toast to my husband, and now he has me searching for recipes.

    Oh, and I can't believe Jarom is old enough to be going on a mission. Next you'll be telling me little Logan is starting high school or something.