My Bank Boyfriend Matthew

You know how guys that work at banks are always the hottest men ever? Well I was looking for a Wells Fargo a few weeks ago and my gps lead me to one that I swore was abandoned. We went through the drive through to deposit my check and I started flirting with the teller.

Now like I said earlier, male tellers are typically so hot I have to figure out how to start breathing before I can tell them what I am there for. This guy, while attractive, is more nerdy mormon boy hot, than anything else. Anyway somehow by the end of the transaction I was completely turned around in the seat of the car talking and flirting with him through the drive through. We talked about our plans for the weekend etc and I promised to come back real soon.

I went back two nights ago. I pulled up and saw that is was Matthew, my bank boyfriend. So I said in the most sultry voice I could manage "Well hello Matthew, I just need to... make a deposit." He smiled at me while I went to put the check in the space tube thingy. Anyway he could see that I was struggling to get it in the tube so he, in a sultry voice, says "You know if you are struggling with that you can always pull over here closer to me and put your check in this." Meaning the little pop out drawer or whatever it is.

I tell him I have it all worked out and that my deposit AND secret love note are on the way to him as we speak. I then turn to my roommates and not knowing that he was still listening in say "Look at that tie he is wearing, I just want to rip it off of him!" Opps! By the look on his face he had heard every word. Don't worry though the flirting didn't end there.

I can't wait to go back and make another deposit. Stay tuned for more updates.


  1. AWESOME. I love it when stuff like this happens to other people too!

  2. Hahaaha I am sitting here at work laughing..

  3. I love love love it...can we make a fake deposit just so we can go see him. And lets hope he just doesn't love you for your money! Ha ha!!!