I <3 General Conference!

I can't tell you how much I loved Elder Bednar's talk today! He spoke about becoming more diligent and concerned at home. It made me so grateful for my parents!

He said we need to express love and show it. That it needs to be sincere and frequent and that if we say it and then do not demonstrate it in the home it is hypocrisy. Just yesterday, after my dad called me for no reason, I told my roommates how grateful I am that I have a dad that not only loves me but really seems to like me too. I could think of a million examples of this. I have blogged about a few of them before: "Dad tucked us in at night and told us stories, he played airplane, and crocodile. He gathers us together for family scripture and prayer. He helped us make pancakes on saturday morning while we watched ninja turtles, and he actually watched with us. He took us on walks and just let us tell him all about our little world."

My mom also consistently showed us that she loved us. She use to drop little notes off for me at school and have someone bring them to me in class. She made sure that I always felt beautiful even in my awkward years, she read to us every night, she remembered all of our favorite things and kept them on hand, she always came to Utah to bring me home after a semester so I didn't have to drive across wyoming alone, when we were sick she would pamper us more than any kid deserves.

Elder Bednar also talked about consistency. I LOVED when he talked about FHE at his house being chaos. Because FHE, family scripture, and prayer were typically chaos in our home too. But it ALWAYS happened. I may have occasionally been the one that was upset that a sibling was touching me or looking at me and I may not have always had the best attitude but looking back, Elder Bednar is right, it meant the world to me. I was also thinking that when mom took over the nights dad was gone it showed us, not only her testimony of the importance of these things, but her support and love for my dad.

I am grateful that while listening to this talk I could think of how all these things were apart of my family. My parents didn't just say things, they showed us that: 1. They have a testimony of the Gospel 2. They love their Savior 3. They love each other 4. They love us. I also thought of my married friends and how much I admire those who are implementing these things in their families.

I want more than anything to create this same environment for my kids... when I have them!

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