Brooks and Dunn, my story

With the very sad news that Brooks and Dunn are breaking up I decided it was finally time to tell my Brooks and Dunn story. I am not sure I wanted to put this out there, even though it is a good story, because I really like to casually bring it up in conversation. I'll say something such as "like the time I snuck onto Brooks and Dunn's Jet..." Then I wait for the reaction.

So when I was going to USU, a company in town sponsored a Brooks and Dunn concert. Almost everyone in town got free tickets to this show and I had a lot of friends who had access to tickets. Unfortunately I couldn't get work off. So all my friends who hate country took off for the concert and I went to work.

Anyway I was working at a restaurant and these two attractive men came in. They were dressed in the same suit with the same tie and so I asked them about it. They said they were pilots and they had just flown in and would fly right back out in a few hours. I asked why and they said that they had flown Brooks and Dunn in for the concert. So I did quite a bit more flirting and got an invitation to come out to the airport and see the jet they fly.

So we closed the place down early and took off for the airport. It was the Logan, UT airport so there was no security. It is mainly used for crop dusters etc. So we walked right out onto the tarmac and onto the jet. It was really really cool. Like I am not even kidding you the toilet was gold. It was like a mini house on a plain. It had everything you could imagine. Like a sky RV only a thousand times classier.So we are hanging out on the plain and the pilot gets the call that the encore is finished and the artists are on their way back. So we slowly exit the plain and stand in front of it while we wait for them to show up. Oddly enough they weren't even upset that we had been hanging out on there plane. Kix didn't say much and got on the plane, ronnie hung out with us for a bit.

What kills me is Ronnie asked if he could do anything for us. I am sure meaning autograph, and my friend was like no we just came to see the plane.

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  1. That is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! Minus the part where I would have hurt my friend later if they'd said that...