Text Conversation This Morning

Zac: How's your knee this morning?
Me: Better but still really bad.
Zac: Have you gone to the doctor?
Me: Nope
Zac: Why not?
Me: That costs dollars.
Zac: Don't you have some of those?
Me: Yeah but the more I have the less I want to spend them.
Zac: Have you told your dad about it?
Me: Nope
Zac: You should
Zac: Uh uh listen I can see that face from here.
Zac: I hear that little gasp giggle because you can't believe that I know you are doing it, and I know what you are thinking.
Zac: :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Me: I love you so much right now.
Zac: Lol You do?
Me: Yes, 18! How do you know me so well and still love me?
Zac: How could I not?????? Go to the doctor.

P.S. My stupid knee is still killing me and was all day but I felt instantly better knowing I have a friend that knows me this well and still loves me. Zac, When I say 18 I mean it, but we both know I am not going to the doctor.

1 comment:

  1. What happened to your knee?

    And how could he not love you? You're terrific.