Wow this could be a long post...

The other day I was, I won't say dared, let's say challenged to not flirt with a certain man all night. ALL NIGHT I was not allowed to flirt with him in any way. Boy that was challenging. Worse than when the same group of people dared me to be silent for 10 minutes, also challenging.

The thing is that I realized I am VERY flirty. I found that I couldn't look at him, I couldn't talk to him, and my body movement became very... limited. Dude! I was boring. They sure enjoyed watching me try so hard not to flirt. In the end it was a horrible disaster and I gave up.

P.S. The very man I was challenged not to flirt with is the very man who still owes me my "reward" from the no talking challenge. I need to get him to pay up!

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  1. Wow. I'm picturing it in my mind and it's difficult. :)