Today at church

Annoying 21 year old girl with boyfriend and too much PDA: "It was when I stopped looking for a husband that The Lord blessed me with one. You have to stop looking for one and he will provide you with one."

Tristan: "She needs to shut her big fat mouth and let someone who knows what they are talking about say something."

Me: Listen we may not get married. But the solution isn't to stop looking, or give up, or become bitter. We need to learn to like ourselves. We need to become what we want to find. We need to live by my motto of "Stop thinking of the man of your dreams and become the woman of his." Because it is when you learn who you are, that you will find a man who adds to who you are. You don't need a man to make you who you are, you need to find her before you find him. Learn who you are and learn to really love that woman, then a man will also learn to love that woman. Oh and if in this life you don't find him you will have at least found the woman God wants you to be and knowing that you are the woman He wants you to be you can stop worrying about what should be and be what you have the potential to be. That woman married or not will bless the lives of many.


  1. "stop looking" makes absolutely no sense. i'm not giving up. also, i love what you said; you're a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom, annie. :)

  2. Wow, I really like the way you worded that. Thanks for your comments and dealing the right way with the "bitter" boys.

  3. Amen Sistah!!! PS, even when you're married you have to keep trying to figure out and be that woman. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but sometimes I think it's also the Lord's way of putting you close enough to some one you will listen to who will tell you the honest truth about yourself. Good and Bad. Prepare now!

  4. hmmmm sounds like and interesting church lesson:) ha ha