Year five and all is well.

It shocks me that it is that time of year again... September already, Five years already. I miss her what else can I say? Maybe I should be over this by now, but I'm not.

I just miss her.

Don't lie to yourself, you wish your mom was as freaking awesome as mine is.

I miss it when she would flirt with guys in the home depot.

I miss how she would make friends with the checker at whatever store we were at.

I miss having someone to watch John Wayne movies with me.

I miss how irritating it was that she wanted to talk to me EVERY DAY.

I miss having someone who knew exactly when to make me laugh, when to let me cry, and most of the time... when to tease me unmercifully.

I miss having someone who was better at picking out my crushes than I was.

I miss how she likes to sing the wrong words to songs at the top of her lungs.

I miss having someone who remembers all of my favorite things perfectly, and keeps them on hand.

I miss her sneaking Katy and I into her closet Christmas afternoon to give us all the things she bought us that she had to hide from dad because it wasn't in the Christmas budget.

I miss driving across Wyoming with her and blaring Chris Ledoux on the radio.

I miss plotting with her on how to surprise dad for his birthday.

I miss family home evenings with Anky anger, and farmer brown.

I miss skipping school and going shopping for no reason.

I miss having someone to call at one in the morning, knowing she'll be awake.

I miss going to Delaware for Mexican on Wednesdays because you didn't want to cook dinner if dad wasn't going to be there to enjoy it.

I miss having someone to call when I am sick or hurting.

I miss having someone to call when my heart is hurting.

I miss having someone pry into my love life.

I miss her sassiness.

I miss having someone I can tell EVERYTHING to, completely free of judgment.

I miss her naughtiness.

I miss cheating at Scrabble with her.

I miss hearing her version of how her and dad met.

I am a lucky girl. I really haven't been asked to endure that much. My mom just lost her body. So many people have suffered so much more. My mom found the best guy in the world, one who would be the greatest daddy ever and married him in the temple. I know my parents love each other and I know they are my parents forever. I know she has a testimony and I know she is still my mom. I know she loves me forever. I know she is still very much involved in my life. I know that death didn't change any of these things. Like I said I am a lucky girl. I not only have the best mom in this world, I have one of the best moms who is already in the next.


  1. She sounds great. Now I can see where you get your sass; LOVE IT!

  2. But still sad, and that's okay. We need to get together soon!