Good Guys

A while ago I had an experience that left me wondering if there are still good guys out there. While I am pondering this dilemma I can tell you I know they do exist somewhere because my brother is one of them.

This is me and my brother Jarom goofing off on the salt flats this summer. Someday, after his mission, he is going to make some girl the luckiest lady in the world. I was having a talk with some of my friends the other day and told them that Jarom is the perfect man. Here are my reasons why:

*Jarom is kind to everyone, he cheers for the underdog. (except the kid he wrestled out of scout camp)
*He is very protective of his younger siblings.
*He is awesome with kids. Last time I was home we had three families over for dinner and he had all the kids out back playing and goofing off with him.
*He is a deep thinker and has an awesome knowledge of the gospel.
*He is hilarious.
*He takes his Priesthood duties seriously.
*He is generous.
*He is a hard worker.
*He is good looking.
*He appreciates modesty in women and the girls he is attracted to are all very naturally beautiful not painted on.
*He is amazingly sensitive.
*He is laid back
*He is smart without making you feel dumb.
*He treats
*He gives the best back rubs (submitted by Katy)

A couple of pictures of him and Madison:

I have three other brothers who are also very good guys. One serving a mission, one who is also an amazing big brother, and one... well trying to contain his drooling is about it at this point but I am sure he will be a catch as well.

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