I should be on TV!

First of all I should tell you that my "BFF" has been interviewed to be on a reality television show. He is deeply suspicious that his mom ruined his interview though. I am thinking that sounds like good reality TV right there. But back to the point...

While some of my friends should be on TV for their rugged good looks, others should be on TV for their inappropriate nature, witty comments, and wicked guitar skills. I see myself in more of the physical commedy realm.

Take this evening for instance....

I had been downstairs trying to program my Tivo to record tomorrow nights American Idol premiere and I was just heading upstairs. I had in my hand my phone AND a large bowl of VERY warm cheese sauce. It was then that I, in what is becoming a tradition of clumsiness, missed a step and came tumbling down. I was laying at the bottom of the stairs covered in cheese sauce, with my dog licking my face, when my phone went off. I didn't feel like moving to get up and answer his call so I just sat there letting my dog clean me off while I listened to Golddigger. Of course I sang along at all my favorite spots and maybe added one or two impromptu dance moves.

P.S. I am sorry I didn't answer your call. I want to hear all about your scandalous love affair later. CALL ME!


  1. hahahahaha! it's true, you should be on t.v.

  2. You are expanding your horizons. Your tradition was always to miss a stair when you were going down. Way to move outside the box.