I ♥ Primary!

Okay really the best story of the day happened before primary. I had my two year old sister Madison during sacrament and I was surprised at how good she was being. I turned around and Madison was resting her head on the head of a 4 year old little boy behind us who was leaning forward in the pew. I was sitting there enjoying how cute they were all cuddled up together when he leaned in and kissed Madison right on the lips. Madison jumps up, turns to me, and says “Reese! I feel like singing my la la song now!” HA HA HA Madison it is too early in life for boys to be making you want to sing your la la song.

In primary I sat down between two of my Valiant girls (I was subbing). One turned to me said “oh no look who is sitting together!” and pointed to my 9 year old brother and two of his best friends. I asked what the problem could be and she said that with the three of them together something was likely to explode. I questioned her “like they’ll get loud?” She told me to wait and see. Seriously like seconds later a pen comes flying up from the middle of the three of them and parts of it go flying everywhere. Also during the course of sharing time an adorable boy stood up and used his leg as an air guitar and a few boys used their artistic skills to face paint each other. While an outsider may have looked in and thought things to be a bit chaotic I have not felt the spirit stronger in weeks. I struggled in primary a lot. I was super hyperactive and talkative, I know imagine that! But people spent so much time telling me to be quiet and sit down that I never really got to enjoy primary. I wish I had been allowed to enjoy primary like I did today.

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