Going for a walk

I took Mosely for her afternoon walk today and amid our usual dialogue of "Mosely we do not eat other people's poo" I heard this conversation between a little boy and girl on the playground:

Boy (Teddy): "But we aren't suppose to."
Girl: "Listen Teddy you can't be good forever."
B: "Yes I can."
G: "No you can't. You have to have fun too."
B: "But I want to do good things."
G: "Teddy you aren't cool at all."

Teddy man stand your ground. Girls are very very dangerous and you will find that later in life you will begin find her much more persuasive. Don't cave Teddy don't cave. You don't have to throw snowballs to be cool.


  1. oh that just made me giggle. i hope teddy stood his ground. little girls can be so naughty!

  2. Annie, I just looked threw your blog! I loved it, and I could have commented on all of the posts but I'll do my commenting in one.
    1-the quiznos post was awesome and I loved the little cartoon that went along with it.
    2-I"m sorry about your crappy date that is the worst. You should have slapped him when you got out of the car.
    3-your little sister is so cute! I love the cowboy comment she made.
    4-this last post ha ha ha naughty naughty little girl!

    P.S. I'm glad I found you on facebook, I looked you up cuz Kurt and I were laying in bed the other night and Kurt randomly said "do you remember Annie?" well duh I remember you...