David and Goliath

One of my favorite movies of all time is Win a Date With Tad Hamilton... Watch it!

There are a few quotes from the movie that I use almost on a daily basis. I will focus on one here and one in the next post. I love it when Rosalee's dad tells Pete that sometimes Goliath beats the "crud" out of David. It's true. Sometimes we do everything right and bad stuff still happens. And we sit around wondering "But Heavenly Father I thought you were suppose to take care of me?"

So why is it that we feel like this sometimes? Why do we have those days when we just feel abandoned? I have been thinking about this lately and I have a few thoughts...

At what times in my life have I felt like this? I can think of two "kinds" of times when I have. The first when I feel that he has taken something away from me. Like when one of my best friends passed away in college, or when we lost mom, or when the guy you are dating turns out to be a huge jerk, or even when I gave up my dream of being a chef. What I had to realize was that he isn't taking these things from me to punish me but rather to bless me. This can be easy to see in cases such as realizing the guy you are dating isn't what you thought he was. I mean it is obviously a blessing to learn that before it involves divorce and children and things right? It is harder to realizes the blessing of things like losing mom. What are the blessings there? Well for one Madison grace, and for two Simon Carter, and three a friendship with my "wicked" stepmother. There are other blessings too. I have learned to value all relationships and I think I am a better friend, sister, daughter because of it. I have gained strength, I have learned how to grieve and been able to touch many people, and will touch more through my work at Hospice.

The second is when life has taken an unexpected detour. Something I hadn't planned on or prepared for and I am left wondering how to juggle it with everything else. It always seems to happen when you are already kinda feeling like you are at your breaking point. But there is a blessing here too in that in every single one of those times I have learned to just give all of my troubles back to him. I just say look this is too much for me, it's your turn. Then he takes over and life is good again, better than expected and the other blessing is we now have a better relationship.

Does he ever really leave us? No. Does he allow bad things to happen to us? yes. How often are those problems of my own making? Frequently. But I am getting better at learning from them, moving on, and making sure they don't happen a second time.

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