I totally win!

I blogged awhile ago about a particularly bad day I had at work. Number 5 in the list talks about a small office situation I had. I have an office assigned to me by corporate. It is suppose to be my cubical/office. Unfortunately our Sales Manager got kicked out of his office because he is suppose to be out on the floor. Apparently he thinks that means he is suppose to move into my office. Anyway he got really mad at me that day because I left my sweater on the back of the chair and it was making it a froo froo office. Hmmmmm. Then a few days ago I left a stack of papers on my desk for an hour or so. Mind you these were very important papers, anyway when I came back to my desk he had torn one of them in half for scratch paper and thrown the rest of them into the shredder box. These are just a couple of examples of the kind of stuff I deal with daily.

Anyway today I was telling the HR manager my story. Not as an I'm so frustrated and I'm talking to HR kind of story, but like here is a funny story kind of thing. Apparently he decided to do something about it. So this afternoon they found me a new office. They gave me the district managers office. He only uses it once every few months and it is the biggest, nicest, and most private office in the store. I know I shouldn't feel this way but... I totally win!


  1. HAHAHA you TOTALLY win!!!

  2. oh yeah you win big time... What a Jerk of a guy... I don't think I like him. But congrats on the new office!