Cute Kids!

A few months ago I was walking around the greenbelt with a friend and he received a text from a girl that contained a picture of her niece. Neither of us knew the girl very well and he made me laugh out loud when he said "I love it when a girl shows you pictures of their niece or nephew, it's like they are saying look my sister makes cute babies maybe you and I could too." HA HA There are lots of reasons why I think I will make an awesome mom. The fact that I have cute siblings has nothing to do with it though. The credit for that goes straight to their parents. So enjoy these pictures for just what they are. Cute pictures of cute kids. Kids it will literally break my heart to leave in the morning.

I love that his hair is sticking out like cRaZY on both sides of his head!

Simon having a little sample of something Santa left him in his stocking!

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  1. Those are very sweet pictures! You look cute in that first one - I didn't know your hair was that color now - I like it on you.