Travel Update

No great stories yet. I was looking forward to some panda express in the Denver Airport but hat did NOT happen. Our plane landed at 9:46 and our connection departed at 10:07. We went from gate 97 (the very last one) to gate 17 (the third to the last on the other side of the airport). Typically they will hold the flight for you but they hadn't checked us all the way through in Idaho Falls so we still had to check in. Yikes! I asked when I first got off the plane if they could like call or something and let them know and the lady was like "No! You have to check in at your gate." So we hauled trashed across the airport, they had closed the gate and everything and I run up to the podium and like throw my ID at the lady and she says "Omaha?" and I said "Yes Please!" Then I told her Katy was still coming, (cause she was trapped on the moving sidewalk HA HA HA) and she looked up at Katy and asked me if she was over 12? HA HA! Anyway we made it and are now sitting in the airport waiting for Dad to get here. Then Chinese food, the Temple, and some serious shopping.

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  1. I hate the Denver airport. We flew in there from back east and our plane had left an hour late from there and when we got into Denver I had to run across the entire airport to tell them to hold the plane for us. And naturally, it was the last terminal, and I was wearing flip flops and a backpack so I sounded like a herd of elephants and everyone turned to stare at me.