What would Jesus do?

This question has been plaquing the mind of man for centuries. In the first presidency Christmas devotional yesterday they talked about where and what Christ would be doing if he were here with us today. My mind then jumped to a question me and my friend Doug discussed one thursday at insitute when we should have been paying attention. We wanted to know this...

If Jesus came to my ward potluck what would He bring? A main dish? A casserole? Some green Jello? Would He add shredded carrots? just a thought.

Then last night I also started to think what would Jesus do if someone's fly were down? Would He tell them? Would He pretend He didn't notice? What if someone had a huge bat in the cave? Would He say something? What if they had a huge bat in the cave and their fly were down? Again these are just thoughts.

What shampoo do think He might use? What car might He drive?

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