Cheryl: I am so bored, there is just nothing going on in the office today. Of course I forgot to bring a book.

Me: Cheryl, I have a text book in my car you could borrow. It's all about interpersonal communication. It's fascinating!

Cheryl: No thanks I have communication down.

Me: You don't think you could improve your communication with your husband? Or learn to help him communicate better with you? I'm telling you Cheryl it will change your life!

Cheryl: Nah! He's perfected his communication: "What's for breakfast?" "What are you packing for my lunch?" "When will you be home to make dinner?" "Are there any leftovers?" "Do we have any chips?" "Where's the remote?"

Me: Cheryl! I'm going to go get you that book right now before I lose all hope in marriage.

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