Drew, the love of my life (or at least the week), honorary man of the house, and he smells good too.

I am writing this blog from my phone while Drew, the above mentioned, is falling asleep on my couch wrapped up in my pink Husker blanket with my satin pillow. Very hot. Be jealous.

Why else should you be jealous? Do you have a bff that does dishes? Cleans the fish tank? Fixes your watch? Makes dinner? Makes you laugh til you pee a little? Comes to your baby sister's pink princess tea party? Stops at the store just to pick up a ranch packet for you? Sweeps? Pretends not to notice when you have like 5 acnes right in the middle of your face?

Drew said it's about time I blogged about him, and he's correct. We have so many good times. Look forward to many adventures with Drew appearing here, I know I am.

Thanks Drew, for helping to clean and organize "the clubhouse," I hope to someday be a member. Thanks for cleaning the fish tank before Simon drank out of it. Thanks for fixing my watch etc etc. Thanks for cutting up the pickles for our deviled eggs, it made all the difference. You make a great man of the house.

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