10 Things I heart to do

(tagged by Rachelle)

My list is very similar to Miss Katy's
1. Traveling~ Anytime I don't have to be at work I want to be traveling. I love seeing new places, meeting new people, and tasting new food. I don't care what kind of traveling it is. Flying to places far away or going on a last minute road trip, Katy and I have the best times on road trips. Sometime the journey is the best part of the trip, you never know what adventures may come up. I love this world my Heavenly Father has created for me and I intend to enjoy as much of it as I can afford.

2. Art~ I am combining my love of photography as well as my love of sketching and painting. I love to capture beauty on paper in any form. I appreciate all the money my dad put into lessons. Thanks Dad!

3. Cooking~ Nothing makes me feel better than making something delicious for someone I love.

4. Barnes and Noble or the Library ~ I, like Katy, love to spend hours at the book store with a Starbucks and browse the books. I can't decide if I prefer the pumpkin pie steamer, the classic hot cocoa, or the caramel apple spice.

5. Bike Rides~ I am addicted to my bike. Just me, the wind, nature, and long talks with my Heavenly Father.

6. Music~ I have blogged about this before. I love music! Music touches me in a way nothing else can. It fixes most of the problems in my life. There is nothing like having your favorite song come on the radio and turning it up as loud as it goes and singing along. I also love how songs have memories attached to them. As you turn on a certain song and sing along you can totally relive that summer or that road trip or whatever memory has become attached to it.

7. Cleaning~ Sound odd? I blame Lindsay for this. I use to hate being woken up on Saturday to her singing "Saturday is a Special Day" with cleaning supplies in her hand.  However, turning on some great music and cleaning can be very therapeutic, and coming home to a clean house is the most amazing feeling. 

8. Walks~ I love walking and talking. Enjoying the company and conversation of a good friend and just enjoying the world Heavenly Father has made for us.

9. Theme Parks~ Katy and I are both addicts. Why is being scared to death so much stinking fun?

10. Nothing~ I like doing absolutely nothing with the people I love most. To me that is a sign of real friendship. When you can be together and do nothing and have a great time.

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  1. Our lists are SO similar. Maybe that is why you are my ultimate BFF! (:<3 you 18.