Snubs and I are coming up on our 4 year anniversary. I met him at a mutal friends place. We were watching Titanic and I was bored out of my mind so I was talking and goofing off. Apparently he was enjoying the movie and wanting to strangle me.

So obviously we became fast friends right away. Okay actually no. I said some version of these words to our mutual friend many times first. "Why isn't that fool asking me out? I am totally in his league!"

We have a set every other Thursday night date. The night the waiter thought I was drunk, yeah that was Snubs and I. The other night we were out and this girl was apologizing for something she said "man I need to stop or I'll ruin your guys' relationship." It felt good to look up at him and have us both say "not a chance." You see our friendship has been through the ringer, and I feel, that it had only become stronger.

Since I met this man I have: broken his bed, hit on his dad, spilled half my dinner down my shirt, made him saw a knife out of my dishwasher, kill a mouse, and dispose of a perished pet. I have been curled up in a ball sobbing into his couch cushions, we've had the occasional disagreement, and I am sure no matter how hard he's tried that there are still one or two strands of my hair on the passenger seat of his car (he hates that which means, as any good friend would, that I pull it out and leave it there on purpose).

Snubs taught me that it's okay to be vulnerable. He taught me that it is okay to be a woman even if boys won't always understand me. He taught me that it's okay to ask for help.

And I think that maybe I can still order for him in any Logan restaurant. Snubs, thanks for 4 great years, here's to a million more. Can't wait for our hot date tomorrow, and love, if your salad doesn't have at least 12 croutons you know I'll give you some of mine.

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  1. Love friends like that!! Remember how I got to drive the Snubsmobile.