List for Bishop

Bishop heard me talking about what makes a man sexy the other day and I promised him a list of 13 things as well as a copy of Katy's 13, which are very similar (we are sisters).

So here they are in no particular order:

1. There is nothing hotter than a man that's hot on the Gospel. A man that goes to his meetings, does his home teaching, volunteers every time its our ward's turn to take the sacrament to the hospital. HOT! This is a man who is already my hero and will be his sons first hero.

2. When he drives your car. HOT! You feel safe enough to hand the keys over and you get to take your place as the shotgun rider. It makes you feel like he's in control, your safe, and you are symbolicly taking the place you want in his life as companion, helpful navigator, and caretaker of everyone in the back seat.

3. As far as clothing goes I have been a sucker for the grey pin stripe since high school. YES PLEASE! I also have a hard time resisting a man in a big soft sweater. It just screams I need you to rest your head right here. Okay! I am also a sucker for a man in periwinkle blue. Okay I'm getting goosebumps. That light blue color will stop me in my tracks. Moving on...

4. I like my men a little chubby. Not obese, I want to live a long and healthy life with him. However, I want to feel safe and protected by a man. I want to feel cute and feminine. I just don't feel that way with skinny boys.

5. I love gender roles! Ask me to sew on a button, and you can open the pickle jar. Sometimes you need a man around the house and it's so hot when he is there to be just that.

6. I love a man's hands. These are the hands that will bless my babies and rock them to sleep. There is nothing in particular I love or dislike about their appearance, I just look at them and know. You don't need a manicure or anything in fact, rough hands can be very hot.

7. My favorite thing in the world is having my hair touched. When they brush it off your face, or tuck a stray wisp behind your ear, or really anything. Part of it is that it shows a tender side to them, but really if their hands are in contact with my hair in anyway I am done for.

8. When they remember your details. If I've told a guy 9 times that I hate chocolate and then he buys me a box, that's sweet but not hot. Now when he shows up with a diet coke and a bag of spicy Cheetos he is now the hottest man alive.

9. When he says your name. The difference between. "I really appreciate that" and "Annie, I really appreciate that" is huge! Saying my name means. what you are saying is about me only, it means you want my attention, it means I am what is on your mind. I want you to be comfortable saying that name everyday, and to enjoy saying it as much as I enjoy hearing it. An added element for me is using my nickname. My family never uses my real name and so when you use my nickname it feels like you see me, at least a little, through their eyes.

10. When they love and show respect for their moms. It shows the respect they have for the calling of being a mom. You feel safe in knowing they will love, respect, and support you in your own calling as such. It is also a good gauge of how they feel about women in general and a good sign of how I can expect to be treated.

10. When they make me laugh. I make people laugh all the time. There are a lot of fun guys out there but it is rare to find one who will make me laugh. It means that in the future when we have hard times that he will be able to make me laugh. That when we are old we won't just sit around doing the crossword and reading The Ensign. I want to still be able to make each other laugh.

12. When he can say I'm sorry. listen I find that for me I have to say it ALL THE TIME. The ability to be wrong is huge and a rare quality among, well really anyone. It shows me pride can be swallowed.

13. I LOVE it when they have a bed head. When their hair is a little tosseled, yes please! Lolly just reminded me that I love curly hair. This is very true. Curly hair makes me weak in the knees. Why do boys with curly hair always try to hide it? This is sad for me.


  1. You have just created the DREAM man. Please send him to Seattle and let me know where to send the check. YES PLEASE. Great list sister!

  2. This is the PERFECT list. Annie knows what she is talking about!! :-)

  3. So I'm trying to think of how I can create a picture of a slightly chubby guy with curly hair who just barely woke up from a nap and threw on his grey pin stripe suit and is rushing out the door to go home teaching (taking your car) and says "Annie, I'll pick you up some spicy Cheetos on the way home. Sorry I didn't get them earlier."
    I can only imagine what that would do to you.