My not so baby anymore siblings came to visit!

Getting ready for our Pink Princess Tea Party

 Simon enjoying the Tea Party

We were looking at "cas" or cars. The kid has a Boston accent. I love that the cat is joining us!

Eating all of Drew's Chili Verde (don't worry Drew I'll make you some more)

But look at how much he loves it, and Drew.

Trying on my favorite hat and having a fashion show

Playing Hide and Seek with Drew and teaching him how to count to 5.

Lolly teaching them how to play soft with the cat. They were in love with the cat!

We had the fabulous tea party pictured above, we spent a couple of nights at Chuck E Cheese that the kids loved! We had a date night, just me and them, we went out for Chinese! We played lots of trucks, read lots of stories, did tons of coloring, cooked up lots of good food, played hide and seek, and learned to count to 5! Lolly and Drew received a lesson in how to play Pirate Princesses, as well as a detailed anatomy lesson. (You are welcome) It was the best week I've had in forever. I wish they lived closer!

I am so grateful to my not so wicked step mom for bringing by babies out to see me. We also really enjoyed visiting with her. I love how much they loved my cat, my roommate and BFF Lolly, and honorary roommate and BFF Drew! Although apparently he is now Madison's boyfriend. I am also gratful to Lolly and Drew for taking the time to get to know some of the most important people in my life.

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