Today Joan picked Katy and I up and took us with him to volunteer at St. Vincent's Catholic Community Services. It was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again.
Katy got to fulfill her dreams of being a lunch lady and getting to scoop food out onto trays. I was in charge of dispensing ham and yogurt and Joan had some kind of crazy drink he was loading the trays with. The lady across from me in the line, the one giving out glasses of milk, asked after ten minutes if I make men turn gay.
Oh how insightful this fun old lady was! We couldn't get enough of teasing each other. I still don't know how she knew that all the men I love turn out to love boys.   
My favorite part was the man called Graveyard. He was showing us all his home done tattoos and telling us all about the last time he was arrested. He was also bragging about how he finally started taking his meds, and had been taking them consistently for an entire week.
We were so busy scooping out food and laughing with our new friends that I didn't even notice the hours pass. Seriously so fun. Can't wait til next time that I get to hang with Graveyard, and the rest of the St. Vincent crew!
P.S. I can't tell you how hot it is to jump in a man's car and have him turn the REAL country music up loud with the windows down. Thanks Joan! 

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