Engagement Pictures

If I see one more HORRIBLE engagement picture I am going to scream! Seriously....

There is a trend among my people... Well two trends really. One is that every stay at home mom fancies herself a professional photographer  The other is that people have the most horrible engagement pictures done by said "Photographers."

If you look like you have a hunch back. If you look like you are scared to touch each other. If you look like you have never kissed before. If you look like you have 9 chins. If you have a branch poking you in the bum. If you took the pictures in your back yard and you can see the cable installer's truck in the background. If you eyes are closed in most of them. If you fiance looks like a creeper. If you look washed out. If you are wearing overalls. You need new pictures.

What is frustrating is that I offer, and I know two other friends who are VERY good, offer to take friends pictures for free just because we like doing it. Some of the worst pictures out there are of couples who have turned us down! I am no professional by any means. But you will at least look in love... and ALIVE.

Seriously call me! Ugh!

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