A Convo While Up To No Good

A post temple night, semi road trip, adventure of naughtiness.

That I may or may not have been dragged into against my will.

Cam: Pretty sure your mom is coming with us.
Me: Dislike.
Cam: That we are going or that she is coming with us?
Me:That you are making me go and that I know mom is probably all happy about it.
Cam: Well you know she wouldn't want to miss out on this.
Me: I know and if she was alive I would be awake for another hour afterward while I told her all the details about what happened.
Cam: Now she can just come along.
Me: Well if she is coming she gets to sit in the chili seat!

*I don't think mom will mind taking the seat we spilled chili in, because well... she doesn't have a body right now anyway.

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